OH MA GOODNESS! 2 of my most favorite things on the planet!

….after Hugh’s ice bucket challenge.


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Max Greenfield nominated Michael Fassbender for ALS Ice Bucket Challege 

Oh Hell Yeah! I might have to start watching New Girl again because of this nomination.

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Fassy’s stare. Imagine if Magneto could control fabric….Fabneto!

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"Let’s start fucking with people."

Domhnall: “[Star Wars] is bigger than the ones you’ve been in.”

Michael: ”Don’t say that.”

Domhnall: “He’s going to kick the shit out of me once we’re done.”

Fassy nose wiggle!

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Ermahgerd it’s Fersy!!


Ermahgerd it’s Fersy!!

Imagine if Fassy did the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Imagine if Fassy did the ALS ice bucket challenge.

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This man!

This man!

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We watched Filth last night. So much greatness going on in this clip.

McAvoy speaking in a thick Scottish brogue watching Frank Sidebottom talking dirty to Moaning Myrtle.

michaelfassyfastbender said: Ommmg those frank heads = perfection

Fantastic!  I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m going to have to practice that thing they call patience.

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